Monday, 21 May 2018

New controle technique rules from today

Today being a holiday here (Pentecost) the rules will come into force tomorrow. There will be more points tested and many more points of failure.
Vehicles tested will have three possible outcomes: 1 OK, minor faults need correction but no "contre-visite". 2 Major faults to be corrected in two months before a contre visite.  3 (and most controversial) dangerous faults which mean the vehicle may not be driven after midnight on the day of the test and faults corrected an re-tested in two months.
The tests may take 45 minutes, unlike the previous tests of about 30 minutes, therefore with fewer rdvs per day costs will go up, similarly for the contre visite.
The timetables remain unchanged, with the first test after 4 years then every two years. Vehicles being sold must have been tested within the previous 6 months.
Fines for not having a CT range from 135 euros to 750 euros for late payment.
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Saturday, 19 May 2018

A huge step against racism done in style at the Royal wedding

I missed the royal wedding working at the friperie but caught up on the internet tonight.
What a truimph for love and inclusiveness the wedding seemed to be. It smashed all the racial hatred we have seen from the Uk and the likes of Donald Trump and the hated Farage Tories.
For Martin Luther King who would have been so proud I salute the young couple. They  have made it an easier world, a more inclusive world for my coloured boys to live in. 
Proud, brothers and sisters whatever the colour of your skin.
The biggest step forward in inclusiveness in a long time 
happened today.
Bless that young couple and wish them happiness and keep up the good work you wonderful pair

Portes Ouvertes

Friday, 18 May 2018

Just come in today at the Frip. / SOLD

Quality  curtains, fab material heavy and lined.
A pair 185 cms across by 260 length, each one
Such quality with matching tie backs.    100 euros
For Mains Tendues 82

Celebrating at Ginals

A wonderful afternoon for local restaurant owners Mark and Brice as they celebrated their wedding with local friends and the sun shone on us all
Thanks to Gareth Brown for the photo

More items to go

Hi Val

Hope you are both keeping well.

Thanks for your help with the sale of the furniture and publicising the vide maison.  The vide maison was really well attended and many things were sold.  I still have plenty of items for sale, and so would like to hold another vide maison next Wednesday 23rd May between 2 pm and 5 pm with some new items, some garden bits and pieces and some new prices.  This will then enable me to box up remaining items and deliver them to your shop on Friday afternoon.  It is gratifying to know that these cherished possessions will continue to be appreciated in other homes and other hands.

Thank you once again.

Best wishes

Un hiver avec les garçons

Le film de Cécile, "Un hiver avec les garçons" est sélectionné au festival “caméra des champs” à Villes sur Yron, près de Metz !

Local film maker Cécile followed the progress of our first  refugees when they came to St. Antonin.
The  documentary film is one chosen to be in this international festival.
The picture with the boys was at our golden wedding anniversary where we presented all the boys with a tricolour to pin to their  jackets. Worked well as the Prefect made a visit that afternoon.

St. Antonin demain

contes jeune public à partir de 4 ans
médiathèque de Saint Antonin Noble Val
(réservation par mail ou au 05 63 68 22 34)

Il était une fois - Once upon a time.

Once upon a time - Il était une fois.

Ici en France - On parle Français,

Mais chez moi, on parle anglais !

Il était une fois - Once upon a time.

Once upon a time - Il était une fois.

Les chiens parlent chien.

Les loups parlent loup.

Et si seulement,

On pouvait parler tout !

Il était une fois - Once upon a time.

Once upon a time - Il était une fois.

Grâce à la musique, au chant de ritournelles et comptines écrites spécialement pour ce spectacle, les enfants se familiarisent avec les sonorités d'une autre langue. Très vite, ils utilisent l'anglais dans une participation spontanée. Le loup devient "Wolf" et Spider répète sans cesse "I'm a brave spider ! Je suis courageuse!". 

Chaque fois que Rabbit ne voit que "de l'herbe, de l'herbe, partout de l'herbe, ", les enfants répondent ; "Grass, grass,grass. Bah! I'm hungry !".

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Wedding at Ginals Mairie

My outfit has the special label Mains Tendues 82 and cost me 5 euros. the hat is on loan from Mains Tendues for 1 euros and will be returned tomorrow.
At least three people at the wedding in Ginals were wearing MAINS Tendues 82 labels and it was a very small guest list.
Beautiful afternoon with beautiful people very much in love.

Table and bed must go today


Single bed 2 m x 90 cm - €50
Bedroom side table approx: 1.2 m x 30 cm - €20
Both in excellent condition.

I am posting this on behalf of Erik and Harma as they no longer have internet connection here....
They leave St Antonin permanently on Friday and must sell these by the end of tomorrow, Thursday, as the buyers of the house don’t want them.
I am sure that the bed can be dismantled to go in a car or on a roof rack.

Please contact Erik on his mobile: 0031 629 458 857

Hi Val
Thanks for putting that on straight away.
I just saw Erik and Harma and unfortunately Erik’s phone isn’t working so he asked me to change the number to Harma’s which is:
Can you change it.
The bed can be sold up to 11.00 a.m. tomorrow.
If it is not sold they are happy to give it to you for the charity but the problem would be for someone to fetch it and so on.


The school will benefit

Saturday the 26th of May all our profits (and everything we take is profit because of donations)will go to the local Varen village school which has children from Laguepie, Arnac as well as Varen. We are hoping for a consolidated effort with parents and children helping to make it a bumper morning.
I do believe cakes will be on sale... yummy cakes.
The Varen frip is doing really well and it is satisfying when so many market stallholders come and tell us how much busier the market is being since we have been in the old town hall.
We are open of course this coming Friday 15h to 17h to take in donations and  Saturday 10 till midi we will be open selling fast and furiously.
It may only be 2 hours but we are busy. If you want to come and join the team you will be welcome, “ extra hands make light work”
And you will be pleased to hear that we have all lights working in both houses now.

Getting warmer folks

For us who have been in France for many years we can tell newcomers that the wet winter and spring have just not been typical.
We have missed the blus skies just when I feel Malc and I particularly have needed them.
Today one can feel the temperature rising and we are hoping for a sunny afternoon as we are of to a local wedding. 
How often do you get a wedding to enjoy here?
Have a lovely day everyone and start looking forwarding to drying out and getting some sunny weather.

Ramadan starts today for many of our friends

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Some of my boys, a year ago

One has asylum, the others still waiting for interviews. It is a long process of waiting and worrying. In between we have had happy times.
Yesterday Malc was having his 4th chemo in Albi, centre hopsitalier ( CH) whilst three of these lads put to rights all the mess from the damage of the lightning hit causing an explosion and a hole in the dependance wall. These boys came put on masks and hats against the dust and cleared and cleaned both levels of the barn / dependance. At the end I offered them money to buy roll your own cigarettes but they refused saying “we do it because  we love you Mamma” Of course that had me in tears.
Give love and you get it back.
and Malc returned after a sleepy day being pumped with toxic drugs, too sleepy to know how he really felt.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Gas barbecue for grabs / SOLD WITHIN SECONDS

For Mains Tendues 82  sale 100€ BBQ gas with grill,small grill,plancha and side burner. Protection cover. To be picked up at Verfeil sur Seye. Money will go to Val Johnstone
Terence Harker

FET Sat 26th May

47 ROSES, A LOVE STORY Saturday 26th May at 8pm

Writer and performer Peter Sheridan conjures up the voices, sights and songs of his 1960's childhood in Dublin in a powerful coming-of-age story that examines the complicated relationship between his father and mother and a family friend, Doris.

Part memoir and part detective story, peopled with deliciously eccentric characters and wonderfully bizarre incidents, this acclaimed one-man show, directed by Maggie Byrne, is both brilliantly funny and intensely moving.

★★★★ Peter Sheridan has remade the lost world of sixties Dublin in this knock-out memoir, a gently powerful act of memory and love. Sebastian Barry

★★★★ Peter Sheridan writes at the crossroads where hilarity and heartbreak, tenderness and savagery meet.  The people who live there are often cruel, often magnificent, and always, always human.  He captures them perfectly.  Roddy Doyle
The bar will open at 7pm and the performance will start at 8pm.

To book your tickets, please email:

€15 Non-Members €20


NB: your reservation will only be confirmed on receipt of your cheque

Ruth Etridge FET Secretary

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Pétanque at Le Riols

Saturday 19th of May
 Pétanque en doublettes, starting at 14h30
Followed in the evening by a repas, frites saucisse

Tie bonanza. Photos by Gareth Brown

Fabulous silk ties, never worn, from a silk tie collector. Available in the friperie at Varen for 5 euros each, great presents or possible use in creative patchwork.